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Responsibilities : We are looking for BARISTA.

Barista is an Italian word meaning bartender and refers to an individual who is an expert in the preparation of coffee in keeping with the long standing traditions prevalent in Italy since time immemorial. Hence, barista job description usually calls for the ability to prepare the perfect cup of coffee as also exotic varieties like lattes, cappuccinos and other coffee related recipes.

A barista is normally found plying his art behind the counter in restaurants, departmental stores, casinos, theatres and other places which believe in serving coffee to their customers.

Education : Bachelors Degree
Experience : 1 – 5 Years

Skills : – Successfully Adapting To Your Environment.
– Relationship Skills.
– Fluctuating Finances.

Description : Key Responsibilities:-

1. Develops enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time.
a. Welcomes and connects with every customer.
b. Discover customer needs and appropriately suggests product with every customer to enhance service and meet sales goals.
c. Offers customer demonstrations and samples using brewing equipment.
d. Customers creates opportunities for customer to interact with the product.
e. Responds to customer needs and says thank you to every customer.
f. Demonstrates the “Just Say Yes” behaviour by taking care of customer needs.
2. Provides quality beverages consistently for all customers
a. Prepares Starbucks beverages to standards.
b. Follows health, safety and sanitation guidelines for all products.
3. Maintains Quality store operations
a. Follows store policy and procedures for operational flow at each station.
b. Follows standards for merchandising, stocking, rotating and storing products.
c. Performs cleaning tasks in accordance with the duty rosters and cleaning standards and works as a store team member.
d. Presents oneself professionally and demonstrates clear communication by using Star Skills with all customer and partner interactions.
4. Contributes to store profitability
a. Follows cash handling procedures and cash register policies.
b. Follows inventory stocking and recording guidelines.
c. Contributes to store goals for increasing sales and improving profits.
5. Takes responsibility to learn all aspects of the barista position
a. Is responsible for self-initiated learning.
b. Learns and demonstrates creating the Star bucks Experience.
c. Learns and demonstrates all performance standards listed in the Core Learning Journey Guides.